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While using opera browser for android I noticed something strange the address bar in opera browser replaced by the reader mode and the web title added without any filter.

I know that I can trigger the xss in reader mode but i dont know where so this my conclusion visit the website with xss payload and click the reader mode then xss will trigger.

I was on the website I looked in reader mode but it did not show up hmm wtf so i looked another website, again, again but still not showing up the reader mode, I would have given up

but an idea entered my mind what if I compose my own payload and that is what I will read in reader mode maybe the xss payload trigger, so what site i can compose my payload and then i remember about google calendar you can write title and description its perfect for what I’m looking for.

Step to Reproduce

  • Open opera browser goto



“><img src=x onerror=alert(1);



  • Goto inbox open the message and copy the message id from url address
  • Insert the message id to this link


Hall of Fame

I’m added to Opera Security Hall of Fame in 2020 List of Hall of Fame.

Vulnerability Disclosure

Sep-23-2020: I emailed Opera Security Team regarding this vulnerability issue.

Sep-25-2020: I provided additional details and some screenshot as proof of concepts.

Sep-29-2020: The Opera Browser released an updated, the security team emailed me that the vulnerability has been fixed and ask me to reproduce again to confirmed the fixed.

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